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I was I was able to pick from all 32 NFL football teams

When I first started the Madden 23 Beta I was expecting that just one or two teams would be available to play as, but I was pleasantly surprised when every single one of the 32 NFL Football teams were available to select from. When I started this demo I had the Madden 23 coins option of selecting between three game modes; the three game modes available are on-line play Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) along with Play Now.

It was by far the least impressive game mode. Players can build their team by doing challenges , but the rewards offered for each challenge felt rather lackluster. To earn more reward points, players have to finish more difficult challenges. However the rewards for these challenges in comparison to the more straightforward difficulty rewards was a bit tinny.

It reminded me that MUT is in essence a cash grab . Without a actual way to spend money, the game mode itself felt rather lackluster. You can expect to find some MUT packs for free when Madden 23 releases later in the year, with the special edition as well as Prime Gaming rewards.

When I played Play Now, I was I was able to pick from all 32 NFL football teams. If a team is highlighted, the game shows the top three Star players from every team. The team's three players will be showcased in a video presentation prior to the beginning of the game. Players must then choose what type of gameplay they... (More)

Former Muslim becomes Christian after seeing vision of Jesus

A young Iranian woman who grew up in a strict Muslim home said that she became a Christian after she had a vision of Jesus telling her to follow Him.