It is strange to see how a business, formed by several partners, when it is going well and generates profits, is a reason for discussion and disagreement between them. However, when the first problems appear, the situation seems to turn around and transform people, so it is no longer so strange to see discrepancies between partners. In this article we are going to make a special mention of this important point for the viability and future of a company : Partners, prevention and solutions to disputes. 

Prevention When this situation occurs, in the absence of a plan that allows solving the difficulties in a much more Industry wise email list prepared and rapid way, schisms begin to arise between the partners, which in many cases can cause the blocking of the company, which would lead to a loss of presence and image in the market and possibly to a drop in sales. As you can see, it is a chain that on some occasions ends up taking away the entire workforce and the future of the business. 

Remember that the image we offer is our business card to our current and future clients, if it is wrinkled and torn, no one will want to trust us. We have to get ahead of ourselves and take all possible measures to avoid reaching these extremes. partnersHow? With action protocols, signed agreements and all kinds of clauses that prevent the actions of certain partners from putting the viability of the company at risk. If we do not take these types of issues seriously.