Macgregor: Ukraine Is On The Ropes And Trying To Create The Illusion That Is Not The Case

RET. COL. DOUG MACGREGOR: Almost from the very first moment that the Russians moved into Eastern Ukraine, a succession of retired generals and political hacks in Washington and London and elsewhere have been declaring victory for Ukraine. Seven months later, the Ukrainian army is bled white, tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops have been killed or wounded. Ukraine is really on the ropes and trying to create the illusion that's not the case.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin has finally concluded that he can't negotiate with Kyiv, that the real problem, of course, is Washington, and that Washington will not negotiate with him. So he's opted for partial mobilization, bringing in additional forces, ostensibly for the purpose of ending this thing. And at the same time he's very aware, as any of us are who are in the defense community in Washington, that there's been a lot of loose talk for several months about the viability of waging a limited nuclear war against Russia, using the so-called tactical nuclear weapon.

This sort of thing is very frightening to the Russians. They've made it very clear that their use of nuclear weapons is limited to retaliatory strikes in the event that we, or someone else, strikes them. So they just wanted to reaffirm clearly that they will respond if we use a nuclear weapon.